let’s get acquainted.

Blog started March 8, 2011.

My posts are randomly timed. I post when there’s something on my heart.

I was a student in the 2911 Students youth group.

I spent the summer 2011 as a youth intern at First Baptist Church of Bowie for Agone Student Ministry.

I was a student at the University of Texas at Arlington studying Education and am now certified to teach 4th-8th grades English/Language Arts and Social Studies.

I am an 8th grade English teacher in Texas.

I have a heart for students. I love seeing them run to the Lord and fall in love with Him. My goal with this blog is to share my struggles and how God has enabled me to overcome them, to conquer them.

What I write comes from the people around me. I’ve worked with students in multiple cities and their spirits continue to inspire me. That innocence and that constant belief that God can do all things is so beautiful to me.

I love music and reading other blogs. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos. Above all, I love books.

Sometimes I can be a little cynical, but I just like thinking about things. I especially love pulling apart things that we’ve always been told and really getting down to the heart of it.

My goal in life is to have a cup of coffee with Francine Rivers and just talk about life. And I also want to tell Beth Moore to her face that she’s my BFF. She gets me.

If you have any questions or comments that you don’t want to share on a post, just email me at a2911student@gmail.com. If you have anything you want me to write about, let me know that, too! I’d love to hear from you!



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