[unmentionables 8.0] the one where I need a thesaurus.

“Flee from sexual immorality…” (1 Corin. 6:18 NIV)

Flee…why would Paul use the word “flee”?

I’ve been thinking about that since reading last week’s guest post. I started wondering what other Bible translations said, so I checked it out:

“Flee fornication.” ASV and KJV

“Avoid sexual immorality!” CEB

“Run from sexual sin!” NLT

I especially love the ones with exclamation marks. Don’t dilly-dally, run! Flee!

What does it mean to “flee”? Run away, escape, elude, evade, leave, retreat, scram, etc. So the opposite would be to stay, stand, wait, etc.

Paul isn’t telling us “hey, just try and avoid” sexual immorality! He’s telling us to flee! He’s saying it’s a trap we have to escape from. It’s something we have to quickly avoid. I’ve seen so many people get caught in the trap. It’s so easy to get lured into the realm of sexual immorality, especially in the last few years. Pop culture has made sex the norm. If you aren’t having sex before you’re married, you’re a rare breed in our world.

So, instead we stay. We get lured in and find that it’s easier not to run, but rather to stand still. We wait. Not the good, holy kind of waiting where we wait on God or wait for marriage…we wait until…what?

[next up: what is love?]

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