my daily Spurgeon.

I have this really great app on my phone called “Spurgeon Morning and Evening” which has some kind of post – you guessed it – every morning and evening. I’m a Spurgeon fan. Who’s Spurgeon, you ask?

Charles Spurgeon was an English preacher during the late 1800s. He wrote dozens of books which have been translated into many languages and is quoted in sermons every day across the world. He’s one of the most influential Christians to date. That’s quite a legacy.

Spurgeon wrote a book called Morning and Evening: Daily Readings, which is what this app is all about. Both this book and the app have daily readings for both morning and evening for a year. I love the convenience of having Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening on my phone so that I can recap or reread wherever I am.

Reading Spurgeon every day is like reading a Shakespearean sonnet of love and devotion to Christ Jesus. His words are like those in the King James bible with the “thou” and “thy”s, but it’s strangely refreshing. These daily readings make me stop and really think. Not only do I have to really process what he’s saying sometimes, but I also have to translate it to make sense in my brain. It’s really beautiful. This is a daily reading where I don’t catch myself glazing over the words or skimming just to come up with a summary.

Both of today’s readings were about prayer. Prayer is something that is sorely taken for granted. We get to speak directly to the Creator of the universe and know that we are heard. How amazing is that? I’ve decided in the last few months not to tell people that I’m praying for them unless I’m willing to commit to actually praying for them. All my life I’ve both said and heard people say, “I’ll be praying for you.” I know in my life, I’ve said those words and not always followed through. I don’t want to give people that feeling of being prayed for if I’m not willing to actually do it. Since I made that commitment, my prayers have become stronger. If I decide to verbally tell someone I’m going to pray for them, I know that I’ve made a promise and I’m going to follow through with it. Christ gave His life to close the gap between the Father and I. I won’t take that for granted. I’m not sure if we throw out the word “pray” too much, or if we don’t say it enough.

One of my favorite quotes from today’s readings is something that I posted on The Twitter. (Yes, I’m aware it’s not actually called “The” Twitter.)

If that isn’t encouraging and reassuring…I don’t know what is. The morning reading also says,

“Think not that your prayer, however weak or trembling, will be unregarded. Jacob’s ladder is lofty, but our prayers shall lean upon the Angel of the covenant and so climb is starry rounds. Our God not only hears prayer but also loves to hear it.”

No prayer is too low for the God of my heart to hear. There is no cry or tear that is beneath Him. He wants us to lay our worries at His feet. 1 Peter 5:7 says for us to cast our anxiety on Him because He cares for us!

I encourage you to get this book of daily readings or download this app. If you can’t do either, websites like these have email subscriptions where you can get the morning and evening readings sent directly to your email account every day:

Or if you’re on The Twitter, you can follow the “Prince of Preachers”, himself…

“God cares about little things…He really does.” (John Piper)

Currently reading Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur (and I’m obsessed with it.)