[notable] “The Lightkeeper’s Daughter” by Colleen Coble

Mardel is a dangerous place for me to go to. They have that crazy sale area that has books for like…$3. And $5. And even $2! It’s pure insanity. And purely heavenly.

I went to Mardel simply to get a wedding gift and came out with a handful of books. “The Lightkeeper’s Daughter” by Colleen Coble was one of these books. This book is the first of the Mercy Falls Novels. I actually got an even better deal because I paid $5 for a two-volume book. So, it has this book as well as the sequel, “The Lightkeeper’s Bride”.

“The Lightkeeper’s Daughter” is one of those books that you think you have all figured out. In my case, I had about 3 different scenarios figured out and thought one of them was bound to be right. I was wrong. All of my thoughts were wrong.

This book has mystery, romance, murder, insanity, shipwrecks, lying, conniving, backstabbing, oh my!

I finished it in 2 days. Not just because I had bundles of time at my disposal, but because I was desperate to find out what happens.

Coble is one of those authors that loves her characters, so they have their happy ending. This is no “Game of Thrones”.

I’d say this is a feel good novel. You like certain characters who end up personally deceiving you, but the heroine is so blissfully happy in the end that you forget all about how you were wronged. And yes, I took the offense very personally.

The Amazon.com description of this books says:

Growing up as the lightkeeper’s daughter on a remote island at the turn of the century, Addie Sullivan has lived a hardscrabble life. When a long-lost and wealthy relative finds her and enlists her to work as a governess at a lavish estate, she hopes to discover the truth of her heritage. But at Eaton Hall, nothing is as it seems. Not the idyllic family she hoped for, not the child she was hired to help, not even the aloof man she’s immediately attracted to. Soon she must turn for help to Lieutenant John North, a man who views her with suspicion. As Addie edges closer to the truth, danger threatens even as her romance with John blossoms and together they unravel a decades-old mystery. As Addie faces down her enemy, she discovers that faith in her one true Father is all she needs.

She leaves her home, everything is topsy-turvey, obviously she falls in love with John, she solves a mystery. Boom.

Even though the description of the book gives a lot away, you don’t know who’s going to try and get away with what. There are still some surprises in store. You think you have it all figured out…but you don’t. Coble’s sneaky.

Addie’s story of faith is a little more subtle than say…oh, I don’t know…Hadassah’s or Angel’s. However, Addie relies on God’s guidance throughout her struggles and her faith in Him is touching. Also, her faith inspires the man she loves to return to God, which is always nice to see.

Altogether, I’d give this book a 4/5. I enjoyed the characters and the plot was different from any book I’ve read before. Three cheers for Addie Sullivan and Colleen Coble! Hip hip! I’m probably not going to jump into the sequel. But I do plan on reading it at some point. I already own it, after all.

Now I’m reading: “In the Shadow of the Sun King” by Golden Keyes Parsons [[edit: I didn’t make it past the first 4 chapterszzzzzzzzz.]]


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