a poem about love.

What is love? Not the mushy, rom-com love…real, God-given love. A love that conquers death. A love that sits at tables with prostitutes and tax collectors. A love that brings sin to its knees.

Christ is love.

My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next month. That’s love.

My Savior forgives me when I commit the worst of sins. That’s love.

“The Bachelor” brings people together and has like a 4% success rate. That’s love…I guess.

The God I serve will never leave me nor forsake me. That’s love…without a doubt.

Christ is love.

He finds me in my weakest moment and sheds light on my insecurity. That’s love.

He welcomes me home even when I’ve had my back to Him for weeks. That’s love.

Nothing in this world can separate me from Him, not even death. That’s love.

God the Father sacrificed the life of His son to save those who hadn’t even been born yet. That’s love.

Christ is love.

She talks about a new guy each day. That’s love…or lust.

He seeks attention from girls. That’s love…or lust.

Culture tells us something’s wrong if we’re in college and haven’t had a boyfriend. They don’t care about love.

Culture says being sexually active is the way things are. They care about lust.

Christ is love.

I’m tired of being a small percent of my generation. I care about love.

I’m tired of feeling judged and criticized by my peers. I don’t care about lust.

I’m tired of seeing a smirk when I say I’m saving my heart. I care about love.

I’m tired of being asked about crushes and boys. I don’t care about lust.

Christ is love.

So maybe I’m different from who you say I should be.

So maybe I’m not a Proverbs 31 woman.

Maybe I’m Ruth.

Maybe I’m Esther.

Maybe I’m Rahab.

Maybe all I want is to have love and to be love.

Maybe all I want is to share the love of God with someone else.

Maybe that’s how we’re supposed to love.

Christ is love.


I serve the God of love. I serve the Prince of love.

Who do you serve?

What love do you seek? Do you seek love? Or love?



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