a song about Myspace.

I have a tendency to think certain songs were written for me. Literally written for me. I met Britt Nicole a few years ago and had a really good conversation with her. Then, all of a sudden, she wrote the song “Hanging On”. To this day, I think that song is about me and the chat we had. There’s another song I can strangely relate to:

“MySpace Girl” by The Afters

Now, I have met The Afters, as well. But, that was after the release of this song, so I don’t have any claim to it. Why can I relate to this song? Because it explains my walk with God.

Go with me on this one.

If you haven’t heard it before, click on this link in order to get acquainted with the song, first. And if you already know the song and you haven’t ever seen the music video, click it. It’s pretty entertaining.

Are you ready for this? Here we go.

“You asked me what I wanted…/I replied, ‘I’ll have some fries’/So mesmerized, my heart was over driving through.” When I was younger, I would pray for various things, such as help on a test or help with a friend. God wants to give us so many things, such as his love and grace, but sometimes all we ask for are little things here and there. We hyperfocus on whatever it is we’re asking for and when he delivers, we move on to something else.

“I searched within 500 miles to find/Any clue just as to who I’ve fallen for/’Cause you’ve got me and I’ve got time.” When I went to church camp for the first time, I felt God’s deep and perfect love scoop me up. I wanted to know the source of that love and everything about Him that I could. If He had a Myspace, I would have friend requested Him. Then after a while, the high went down and I forced God to wait until I was ready to really follow Him.

“I saw your picture on Myspace/Maybe someday we can turn it into our space, baby/I don’t care how long it takes/I’m saving space in my top 8 for you.” I got to a point in my life where I was ready to follow God and truly pursue Him, but wasn’t sure where to start, so I saved Him a seat in my heart. I caught a glimpse of what my life could be like fully circling around Him,  but thought I had to be an adult so I could make choices like “should I go to church this morning” and God would love me more. I kept looking for the future so that I could really let God in and be a part of my life. I fed myself the lie that because I was young, I couldn’t make a change or really connect with God, but the Bible says in 1 Timonty 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” Don’t let anybody, especially yourself, feed you the lie that you aren’t good enough or old enough to really pursue God.

“The second time you were so nice/I loved the way you told me to enjoy my day/But I know what you meant to say instead/Was really that you wanted us to run away.” When I came to the realization that God had a purpose for my life (Jer. 29:11), I ran back to His ever-open arms. God doesn’t greet us with a “where the heck have you been” or a “it’s about time” when we come crawling back, but rather He welcomes us with love and forgiveness. God doesn’t want us to repeat these situations, though. He doesn’t want us to have a life where we pursue our own interests, then come back to Him, then repeat. He’s not a shampoo bottle. He wants us to fall completely in love with Him; to live a life with Him forever.

“I said ‘Let’s go, I’ll pack my clothes/Just promise me you’ll wear that purple dress you have”/You look so cute when you’re confused/You backed away and asked me how I knew about that.” Remember in this situation, God is the “I”. This is the stage I’m at in my life. I’m ready to really fall in love with God and I’m actively pursuing Him. I’m in the lusty stage of a relationship with Him, which I feel like is a sin…because it’s lust. It’s like I have a super huge crush on God. Stop laughing. It’s the only way I can think of describing it. God’s gung-ho about our love and has spoken to me through many avenues lately. Through Beth Moore’s bible study called “David: Seeking a Heart Like His“, God’s been speaking to me daily. I’m amazed at how what I’ve been studying has weaseled it’s way into my daily life and I’m shocked at how God knows more about my heart than I do.

“I know you’re scared/I know our love is crazy/And I’m so crazy/You make me crazy for you.” This summarizes my weaknesses. “Crazy” is a good word to describe His love, because that’s exactly what it is. And yes, I’m scared of the magnitude of that love. God’s love is beyond words. John 3:16 tells more about His love than anything else I can think of and it says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” For all you parents out there, think about sacrificing your only child. Can you imagine loving anything else enough that you would sacrifice your child to protect it? God loves us so much that He was willing to do that. He wants us to spend an eternity with Him instead of an eternity in the hands of the greatest fun-sucker of all time.

This entire post hit me while my IPod was on shuffle last night. Part of pursuing God is that you find His beauty in everything, even a song about Myspace.

And The Afters, if you’re reading this…I know this blog is stretching the entire premise of the song into the stratosphere, but I hope it made you chuckle…even just a little bit.

Are there any songs you guys can manipulate to be about God, even when you know they weren’t written for that purpose?


Listening to: Obviously I’m listening to “Myspace Girl” by The Afters.


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